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Movement Classes

From Yin Yoga to Cathartic Kickboxing, movement heals!


Yoga is an ancient practice from the Indus Valley (now India). Yoga asana (postures) offers one way to practice yogic philosophy. Yoga asana teaches us how to breathe when we are most uncomfortable so that we may learn to breathe through our challenges off the mat.  

Cathartic Kickboxing

This class is for you to feel empowered and to let off some steam. There is no impact or hitting in these classes, just punching, kicking, loud music, yelling, and as much fierceness as you can muster.  

Fitness for all bodies

Moving your body feels good, and it's good for you! Come to class and build your strength & endurance. Get your heart pumping and your endorphins flowing! Offerings range from chair workouts to full-body fast & furious fitness. 

What our clients are saying

Heather has such a healing gift. From her herbalism through to her yoga and everything in between, she really is a natural healer.

Chantal C. - Victoria, BC

Service Prices

Compare our movement packages and find the best fit for you.

Private Custom Class 


90 Minutes


All levels yoga, fitness, or combination

A customized sequence just for you! 

Private Custom Class


60 minutes


Customized yoga, fitness, or combination

Single or Small Group Class


60 minutes


Choose your style and level

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